Monday, February 19, 2007

Darren returning to direct SAW IV

"Saw" series screenwriter Leigh Whannell tells Fangoria that Saw II and Saw III director Darren Lynn Bousman is coming back to direct Saw IV, which Lionsgate has targeted for an October 26 release.

While Whannell is not writing the screenplay this time, he'll still be around. "James [Wan] and I, as executive producers, are still treating it like our baby; we'll still oversee it," he tells the magazine. "I've definitely been privy to the ideas they've had and the scripts they've been writing, and it's coming along well. I'm actually excited."

Next up for Whannell is Dead Silence, which he co-wrote with Wan. He's also writing a kids' movie and "working on something with James, which I would describe as a sci-fi/thriller/noir film with a couple of horror elements."