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Let me make this short and sweet. SAW V is different, but welcomed. The movie, to put it in the wish words of a fellow moviegoer, is "off the chain". Now let me just say the movie will piss off a lot of movie goers, however as you think back and look at it you start to like it more. Here is the deal: SAW V sets up for SAW VI and is for all intents and purposes a sweet movie, but definite buildup. If you walk away dissapointed remember all the traps, and just plain things that happened. Also realize that there is still a lot to be answered in the NEXT film. It was brutal. It was cool.

David Hackl could have asked more from his actors. I figure the production started and ended earlier for the FX. Thing is some of the acting was really poor. Not enough at important parts to throw you off.

I was also surprised at how fast the movie went by. The ending came too soon. The pacing was a little off. Wise tip: Never have an actor just TELL the audience the twist. Do it in SAW fashion. Reveal it with epic flashbacks. I know it could be lame but that Clouser score just makes the twist feel BETTER.

Don't let the twists dissapoint you. The movie should be appreciated for what it is:

Gruesome Exposition.
A Macabre Second Act. (SAW IV being 1, SAW V being 2, SAW IV being 3)


Also, I found this review by MuffinMcFluffin that is downright true.

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A Saw Fans Summarized Review of V (No Spoilers)

"Personally, I'd give the film 3 stars or 3.5 stars out of 5. So, pretty good in other words. To compare, I gave Saw I 4 stars, Saw II 3 stars, Saw III 3.5 stars and Saw IV 2 stars. So yeah, I enjoyed it more than Saw II and Saw IV, but the gore was sometimes a little bit too far. If you're a gore fan however, you'll love it.

As for which one I'd compare it to, it probably seems the most like a combo between Saw II and Saw IV (even though I said they were my least favourite lol), but the film overall is kind of its own thing really, seems different to all the ones we've seen so far, not really in a bad way though.

Lastly, the traps turned out really good this year, 100x better than the crud in Saw IV. The group traps are good, particularly the last one, and they keep you really hooked. Seth's trap is also interesting, but I'm pretty sure we all know that Strahm's water box steals the show in coolness "-GoldenEyeRa

Sounds like we are in for a great SAW.

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SAW V Early Fan Reviews


"Saw the movie a few hours ago and I loved it..
out of 10. ill give it a 9 as it wasnt too fast paced like 4, and it had loads more blood which im a big fan of seeing in movies.

The end twist wants you to watch number 6 because SAW is fricken amazing!"

"I love the gore, but im also heavy story driven and i think you cant compare it to 3 and 4 as they are both highly connected. Number 5 just makes it its own in bringing a new chapter the the Jigsaw mystery. " -- Both from roblett on HOJ forums.

"...Well, it was good and bad. Probably a little better than 4, but there's not too much I can explain that hasn't already been shown in the clips. Once again, they revealed WAY too much this year..." -- GoldenEyeRa (a lot of his posts have MAJOR spoilers.)

From what I have been hearing the twist is not AMAZING but the movie is. I'm hearing the film is one of the more fun SAW films and full of fun.

More mini-reviews to come later...

Interviews with Scott Patterson (Strahm) and David Hackl

Scott Patterson:

David Hackl:

The have some mild spoilers but nothing to bad. Nothing to so WITH the ending, just some of the things that happen in the movie.

And so we near V.

SAW V is going to be out soon. It just premiered over in LA and you know what that means? The movie has been seen by people other than just the film makers and actors. Spoils will start flooding the internet (except for here, possibly in the comments) and I will be back to give you my review as soon as I see the movie (which will probably be something quick and sweet).

In the next few days we will see a franchise continue and we will know the lead up to SAW VI. Let me just say depending on the outcome of this movie will reflect the vitality of this site. Don't get me wrong, I'll still update. But as you have seen over SAW V and SAW IV most of the posts have been QUICK snippets.

I severely enjoyed IV. The lack of news has come from the increased secrecy of the SAW films over the recent years.

But here is the deal:

If V is as good as I think it will be I will revitalize the site and add some more features.

Expect to see more from the blog sometime around the DVD release of V next year.

Until then, I can't wait for V.

P.S.: I wish Lionsgate would give me some exclusive content for the next movie for my steady updates on news. Don't you? ;)

P.S.S.: Once everything goes through with GoDaddy you should be able to FINALLY visit this website from

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