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first look at saw 2 dvd

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Inside you'll find a look at the nearly completed DVD art for Lions Gate Home Entertainment's release of Saw II on February 14th. The sequel’s DVD will contain interviews, commentary, five featurettes and more. The film directed by Darren Bousman, stars Donnie Wahlberg, Franky G., Glenn Plummer, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Beverley Mitchell, Eric Knudsen, Shawnee Smith, Dina Meyer and Tobin Bell. Click the title above for posters, images, art, trailers and reviews or just click here for the official website. Read on for a look at the DVD art...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Back in november, talking with tobin.......

From Here. My speclling mistakes are in RED lol

Tobin Bell is a man that should require no introduction. He's made a name for himself among horror fans playing the twisted Jigsaw Killer from both
Saw films, but he's been working steadily since the 80's, playing everything from a face in the background to near-starring roles.

This chat took place the week following Saw II's monstrous release, in which it took home more money than I think anyone had expected, and was the final in our series of live chats with some of the principals of the sequel. Check out the "related to..." field below to see the rest. For now, sit back and enjoy the wisdom of Tobin Bell!

Uncle_Creepy: LET'S ROCK!

jdclar: Hey Mr Bell! Believe me sir when I say there're a whole lotta people who think you're the greatest (and I mean you sir, not just 1 of your characters) Know that! Okay, 2 quick questions: would you inquire about doing the commentary for the Saw II DVD? Please! And, have you ever heard of "It's a Tobin thing" (on your IMDB page under miscellaneous)? I hear the owner's a little crazy but that she thinks the world of you! I also hear she's got a helluva crush on ya! The very very best to you, Mr Bell. e-hugs 2 u!-Jenny(owner.. lol)

Tobin_Bell: Generally, they try to use another voice for narration for something that has a bunch of fictional characters in it so the viewer can tell the difference, but yes, I will inquire about doing the commentary for the Saw II DVD...

As for the page you mentioned, thank you and no I haven't heard of "It's a Tobin thing," but I will check it out, and I thank you, JD, for your hugs and support and I return them in kind and send you the very best also.

Goldmember91: Mr. Tobin Bell! So nice to meet you! One of my idols, sir Here is my question; I heard Saw III is coming out, and was wondering, are your returning for it? Many people are going crazy about this cause, well the ending of Saw II...

Tobin_Bell: Well, yes, there is talk about Saw III And yeah, I would certainly consider it, he's a wonderful character and I would consider playing Jigsaw again I know the producers and the people involved are determined, if there was another sequel, to make it better than Saw II That would be the goal all of us would have. If you look closely at the end of Saw II, where I'm sitting in the car, there is a slight smile on my face, and I interpret that smile to mean Jigsaw is still in complete control So don't worry about the end.

freddyfan12: Hello Mr. Bell, I'm 14 and a huge fan of your acting skill! What's your opinion on underage kids watching horror films like Saw or Saw II? And will you be making any convention appearances in NJ? i want to meet you and get an autograph!!!

Tobin_Bell: Just to clarify, I was enormously pleased with Saw II To make a sequel you always want to improve, if you're not losing ground, you're gaining ground Freddy, that's up to your parents, not up to me. I talked to a ten year old the other day that brought his mother to see Saw II I expressed some surprise to him; he said he thought I was pretty good. I asked him if he was scared, and he said 'nah' but he thought I was really good.

As for convention appearances, I would certainly love to, I have friends who live in Hoboken and would be happy to visit the Garden State, but don't have any plans at the moment And I want to meet you too, Freddy.

metallico0kie: Heya Tobin! You're the killer and all in the movie, but did any parts in Saw II disturb even you?

Tobin_Bell: Yeah, I think the needle scene is pretty intense...there are other very intense scenes also but I found that particular scene hard to take.

intheend: Thanks for taking the time to drop by and chat Tobin. My question is what was the biggest challenge you had to overcome while filming Saw II?

Tobin_Bell: Jigsaw has a lot on his mind and the information was all there to be said in the scenes with Det Matthews, but it was hard work for us to restructure those scenes so that they played dramatically in terms of both our relationship and the stakes Information is one thing, but keeping tension in a scene is something else. And Donnie Wahlberg and I worked very hard to do that.

SirStunty: Heya Tobin! I recently saw you guest star in an episode of "Nash Bridges" and was wondering what it was like to work on that show and work with Don Johnson and the rest of the cast and crew Sorry if this is a bit of a blast from the past.

Tobin_Bell: Yes indeed! I did that episode for one reason and one reason only other than the cash...Willie Nelson was in it! The opportunity to work with him was a big motivator, he's as sweet a man as one would think and I'm proud of the opportunity to spend time with him.

perfectbabyperfect: Hi Tobin! Thanks so much for chatting with us! First, I'd like to say that Saw II was absolutely incredible! Secondly, I'd like to know how you prepared mentally for the role of Jigsaw?

Tobin_Bell: Jigsaw is an engineer and a scientist, a specific and pragmatic thinker He thinks very technically and I am very interested in science and in the scientific process so I felt comfortable working with the details that Jigsaw works with, he works with a lot of details But in terms of working on him as a character, I worked on him as I would any character that I play whether it's a priest, soldier...I ask myself questions about it. And I start with the text.

Whatever questions that I have that the text gives me, whether it's the description of his activity or what he says, I try to fill that in with as much detail as possible Each of you knows everything about your life, from the moment you get up in the morning You can track it. When you play fictitious characters, all of those details have to be brought to life. So I ask very specific questions about the character I play and Jigsaw is no different.

Do I take the character home with me? The answer is no My personal life is quite different than Jigsaw's. I'm not involved in criminal activity in any way, I'm not a recluse...but all of us have small parts of us that are reclusive There's a little evil in all of us. We all have complaints about what we have with one another, as does Jigsaw. He takes responses to his problems to a degree that any normal person wouldn't.

In terms of method acting, it's often misunderstood. Every actor has his or her own method You can approach acting from the outside in or the inside out. And, I studied with Lee Strasburg and he would've been the first person to suggest that "whatever works" for you is okay So, that's what I mean by method acting is sometime misunderstood.

WattSaysPot: Do you agree with Jigsaw being called a "Prophet," why or why not?

Tobin_Bell: I don't know, I haven't heard that before Most prophets don't think of themselves in those terms and I don't think Jigsaw does "Prophet" is a term given to an individual by others. Jigsaw doesn't think of himself that way, he has some things that trouble and disgust him, and he acts on those things in a particular way, but I don't think he thinks of himself as a prophet.

Leer: What are your relationships with Leigh, Donnie, Kames and Darren?

Tobin_Bell: Splendid. Leigh is a very smart young man, both a writer and an actor James is both sensitive and very artistic. Darren is a committed filmmaker who made a wonderful film with Saw II. Very well put together.

I leave Donnie last but certainly not least because I can go on for a while about him, but I won't Donnie has a very strong sense of personal truth. When you look at his acting in the film you can see that. He's fun to be with and a gracious host.

the_woman_in_black: You were sitting down pretty much the entire time you were on film Was that at all annoying to you? Were there times you just wanted to jump up and run around the set, or were you so into the character that it didn't matter?

Tobin_Bell: It's a multi-part question, so I'll answer in parts I was sitting town pretty much the entire time until Donnie wrenched me out of that chair and I was glad to be out of it Was it annoying? No. I didn't want to jump up and run around the set and yes, I was so into the character it didn't matter at all.

ilikeshinythings274: Mr. Bell, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule It is such a huge honor to be talking to you! You are the greatest actor ever! Here's my question: Now that you are done with Saw II, are you working on any future projects?

Tobin_Bell: Yes, I'm working on some material that some friends of mine had written at the Actor's Studio in New York and I'm reading a number of scripts at the moment Lastly, I'm a writer myself and have had a number of screenplays that I've written that are in pre-production. So there's lot's to keep me busy.

I extend my thanks to you all for your support of the film and I can tell you that Twisted Pictures and LGF and all of the creative people involved are very happy that the Saw fans have responded to the film and want to see more!

Uncle_Creepy: Lets hear it for Tobbin!

metallico0kie: Love ya!!

lizzie: Thanks so much Tobin!

ilikeshinythings274: We're with you all the way Mr. Bell!

bloodpuddle: Bye Tobin!

Metalwulf: Thanks Tobin (:

SirStunty: wooo!

jdclar: Thank you Mr. Bell --so much sir!

A large thanks goes out from us to Lions Gate Films and Twisted Pictures for working with us on setting up all of these chats, and we sincerely hope you guys enjoyed them all! And of course especially large thanks to Mr Tobin Bell for taking the time out to chat with us about Saw II, which is now in theaters! See it again!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hey Everyone!

The news of Gregg Hoffman's death is sad and unexpected. We all show our support for his loved ones.

House of Jigsaw has added some new fourms in memory of him.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Updates on Gregg Hoffman's Death.

LOS ANGELES, CA – December 5th, 2005 -- Gregg Hoffman, Twisted Pictures partner and producer died of natural causes on Sunday, December 4th, at 7:15 a.m. in Los Angeles. Hoffman was 42 years old and is survived by his wife Lucienne, Four year old son Luke, Eight year old son Jared, mother Stephanie and sister Tracy.

Hoffman, a partner in Twisted Pictures and President of production most recently produced SAW, SAW 2, Catacombs and Silence. He was currently working on Crawlspace and SAW 3.

Prior to his time with Twisted Pictures, Hoffman worked at The Walt Disney Company, and was instrumental in the acquisition, development and production of numerous successful projects including “George of the Jungle,” “Inspector Gadget,” “101 Dalmatians,” “102 Dalmatians,” “The Parent Trap,” “The Rookie,” “Corky Romano” and “Sweet Home Alabama.” Prior to exiting, Hoffman held the post of Senior Vice President of Production and earned a producer credit on “George of the Jungle 2.”

Hoffman’s first position in entertainment was as a story editor. He later embarked on his writing and producing career.

Hoffman was from Arizona and was a Dean’s List graduate from American University in Washington DC.

Donations in Gregg Hoffman’s name can be made to Habitat for Humanity, 310-323-4663.

Memorial information to be announced.

Source: Lions Gate Films

Gregg Hoffman, Producer of SAW 1 & 2 (and was scheduled for number 3) had died.

A post on Darren Bousman's Blog:

This weekend I was informed of a terrible and tragic loss of a close friend, Gregg Hoffman. I, as you, always prefaced Gregg Hoffman as the producer and genius behind SAW and SAW II, but I realize now that was only doing Gregg a disservice as 'Hoffman' was much more than the producer of a couple of horror films, he was an extremely passionate and amazing human being.

Gregg Hoffman leaves behind a legacy not only of the films he produced, but of the peoples lives he changed. I only had the honor of knowing Gregg for a little over a year, but within that year he took an insecure Midwesterner with hopes and dreams of being a director and made it reality. "I am going to take you into a war zone" he would tell me "Stick close by me, listen when I tell you things and I promise you, I will not let you down." And Gregg my man, you did not let me down, ever.

Besides being my producer, Gregg was a very close friend. Any person who could put up with my obsessed and insane personality ought to be commended, Gregg did it with a smile on his face.

Gregg, you gave me an opportunity when no one else would. You took a chance when everyone else didn't. You stuck by me through hell and high water, you pushed me to the edge, but were there to make sure I didn't fall off.

Gregg, I thank you... For taking a risk... Being a man of your word... Being a mentor... But more importantly being a great friend.

I will never forget how you changed my life, and everyone else's you came in contact with.

You will truly be missed my friend, and forever remembered.


This is a tragic loss, a surprising, never expected, Ive never met the man but Im sure he was awesome.