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Wooohooo, the third screen is on

Yes, you heard it! the third screen is on on the un-official site

CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I'd love for all the loyal readers to check out the tagboard, maybe even leave a little post with comments, thanks!



hey man...i dont mind spoiling it for you lol...the scene starts with michael waking up and looking in the mirror, seeing his eye badly cut, and having the venus fly trap device around his neck. then the tv set in the room turns on its jigsaw, explaining to michael whats going on, and explaining about the device. then on the screen it shows the human Jigsaw, John(tobin bell), doing something to micheals face while he is sleeping. the tape shows that jigsaw has put the key to the lock to the device inside his face, underneath his right eye, which explains the bloody eye. the only way to get the key, is for michael to slice open his eye and remove the key. you also see a shot of an x ray, which shows a key right in front his eye. michael walks over to a tool box in the room and pulls out a scalple, and pulls away from the wall, which in turn pulls the string off the fly trap, and sets off the timer. 60 seconds til it closes on his face, and he keepys trying to slice open the eye to get the key, but cant seem to do it, the timer is getting closer and closer and as it hits 0 the screen turns white and you see "SAW II OCTOBER 28TH 2005" as you hear a noise in the background that sounds like a venus fly trap closing...but we dont see what happens...hope you enjoyed that... lol

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hope you all love SAW the Blog

Hey all, I am just giving you a update because I have not been, well, talking to you and giving you updates about the site, just news news news, I know news is ALWAYS GOOD but well, You need updates on your #1 saw resource station !!!! There haven't been many site updates, but the theme I modified and tweaked, alot, for your SAW pleasure, and well, I wish I had a Hit Counter, but there so corny!!!! I may get one, I want some stats :) anyway I do Have some updates, My friend got a SAW 2 shirt (shoutout!) and its awesome! you should check them out! I may get one of billy. Anyway this is me Uselessly Saying crap but I do have an update, check out this:

(Posted by Sick-from-the-disease on the HOJ fourms, Post Located Here)

Why would you Build your own SAW II fan site ?

7 of you, have took the initiative for no reason at all . Your efforts do not go unnoticed .

Many of you on this forum have said, you want to help make SAW II a huge hit, at the box office in October .

Darren has asked, everyone, to tell everyone you know about the movie !

The more of you that participate, in creating your own SAW II fan sites, the more SAW II info there is in the far reaching world of the internet .

So, how many of you, will tell everyone you know about the movie ?

How many of you will make the extra effort as the 7 members that have so far, and create your own SAW II site, to add to the ever reaching SAW universe ?

Maybe Some SAW II Memorabilia could be in store for the best looking site/sites creator ?

Perhaps an autographed piece of Saw II memorabilia could be arranged ?

Perhaps ..............

Remember Zeps play me tape ? " Will you murder a mother and her child to save your own life ? There are rules "

Your task, isnt nearly as difficult

Create your own SAW II Fan site .

The more of you that show interest in this project, the more leverage Id have with Jigsaw .

Interested now ? Show me !

Perhaps there will be more news to come..................... thats up to you all.

More SAW 2 Info

From Here


I was a tad surprised to see that SAW II director Darren Bousman was absent from this panel. His presence would have been appreciated since he’s…well the director and co-writer of the film. But I digress. Wan and Whannell kicked in with good humor and gave us some insight on the SAW sequel and the upcoming double-dip SAW DVD (pre-order it here). But first the VENUS FLY TRAP clip.

CLIP: The clip showcased some dude in a deadly Venus Fly Trap apparel (the one we’ve seen online everywhere). And he has to to cut open his right eye with a scalpel to get to the key which was surgically inserted behind it. The scene was well shot, tense and vicious. To be honest, it had me and my friend Deke cringing like schoolgirls. I hope the whole of the film is that freaking harsh!

Didn’t learn too much from this panel that I didn’t already know but here are a few stabs.

- Wan said that this sequel makes the original look like a Disney movie in terms of violence.

- The flick explores the “why” behind Jigsaw’s lunatic actions.

- The upcoming SAW DVD (October 18, 2005 release) will be unrated and color corrected (by Wan himself). In Wan's words; it will be the closest to what SAW was intended to be.

- Both Wan and Whannell want to eventually work outside the genre .

- A SAW 3 is highly feasible if SAW 2 makes it dough.

It's always great to see Wan and Whannell again; they still come across as genre fans who are making genre films and always sport an appealing easygoingness. The slick VENUS FLY TRAP scene aside; I didn’t get much out of this show though; we needed Bousman there to grill his ass!

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Beverley Mitchell, Movie-Worn Blouse SAW II,

From Here

Here is a Beverley Mitchell (Laura) authentic movie-worn blouse -- from the terrific new movie: Saw II. This designer blouse was actually worn by Beverley Mitchell (her character's name in the movie is Laura). The blouse has movie blood from one of the major moments in the film. Beverley Mitchell is one of the stars of SAW II, and she’s also one of the stars (she plays LUCY) in the hit TV series, “7th Heaven”....The original costume tag is attached to the shirt. The tag reads: "#8 Laura Real Stage Blood, Used Only Sc's (Scenes) 28 32 33 On the Day"...The fancy blue blouse is in excellent condition (made by the company, BUFFALO with their tag inside, Size 25). The blouse is very special -- it has considerable “movie blood” and would make a great addition to your collection (see the photo below). You will love this item!

Raybin Management, LLC has an exclusive deal for all the original and authentic memorabilia (Props, Costumes, Scripts and Autographs) from both SAW films -- through an exclusive arrangement with Twisted Pictures (the producers of the film). We are the only place you can obtain authentic items directly from the SAW films.

SAW 2 is the sequel to the smash hit movie, SAW. The sequel features the return of the sadistic killer “Jigsaw.” While investigating the bloody aftermath of a grizzly murder, Detective Eric Mason (Donnie Wahlberg) has the feeling that it’s the work of Jigsaw, the notorious killer who disappeared leaving a trail of parts and bodies (behind). And Detective Mason is right. Jigsaw is at work again. The noted killer continues his next game on a group of 8 unlucky victims, who are locked away and forced to kill each other, while Detective Mason tries to track him down -- while the game of murder is unknowingly going on all around him.

This Incredibly Unique item will come with a Very Special Letter of Authenticity Signed by The Producers of The Movie (Twisted Pictures).

Arrow interviews SAW 2 Director

Images have been added to the Gallery check them out!

From Here

The Arrow interviews Darren Bousman

Who is Darren Bousman? Well unless you've been living under a foot for the last months, you'll know that he's the virtual unknown who was given the biggest shot of his writing/directing career thus far when given the task to direct SAW II. Yup, the sequel to the smash hit SAW. I caught up with Darren to talk SAW shop and here's what he carved in my forehead.

What’s your favorite horror movie(s)?

Last House on The Left, Henry Portrait of A Serial Killer… Even today after watching those films, I feel like I need to shower. They are raw, intense, and unforgiving.

What’s your filmmaking background?

I did a bunch of cheap crappy short films in Kansas where I grew up. My parents must'a been crazy cause they believed in them enough to send me to film school in Florida at this place called FULLSAIL in Orlando. That’s where I really learned the nuts and bolts of filmmaking. I hooked up with a bunch of people I met in Orlando and started making short films.

The short films led to music videos. The music videos to commercials. The commercials to this... Everything I have ever done prior was all on a shoe-string budget... Not even shoe-string; shoe-string would imply that I had SOME money for my projects... Most of the things I did were me pooling a bunch of favors from everyone I knew around town.

How did the SAW 2 gig find its way to you?

Luck, well, luck and DAVID ARMSTRONG! I had written another script. This claustrophobic horror 'thing' very violent, very in your face... Anyway I was going all over town trying to find money to make it. I was hitting dead ends everywhere. I was being told everywhere 'it's way too violent'. Anyway, after a year of knocking on every horror producers' door, one finally opened up. This German Company... Anyway, they dug the script and wanted to make it.

In the meantime, my agent set me up with a meeting to meet with DP's. The German Company wanted to hire an American DP. The first guy I met with was David Armstrong. David had just finished shooting SAW. He really responded to my script, and loved the project. Halfway through our meeting, he asked me if I was locked with this German Company, because he wanted to show it to the SAW producers... The next day the phone rings… It’s Gregg Hoffman… The rest is history...

Were you at all intimidated in directing a follow up to such a successful original? Are you kidding?

I wake up in panic attacks every night! Somehow my email address got out. And for a while there I was getting a ton of email from all over... People in different cities, different states, different countries... All of these people either wishing me luck, or telling me not to fuck up the movie. Last year no one knew who I was... This year people from all over the world are begging me not to ruin their favorite horror movie... It's a huge weight on my shoulders.

You wrote the screenplay with Leigh Whannell; how would you describe the process?

Leigh is an amazing writer! He's also one sick guy!!! So it worked out great, no one knows the Saw universe better than Leigh or James, so working with those two guys really made me feel more comfortable journeying into the sequel.

Throughout the shoot, how much creative reign did you have on the film when taking into account the producers/distributors who were attentively looking over your shoulder?

Actually, a lot. I mean there were times where I was bitched slapped around. But all in all they let me do my thing... Gregg Hoffman was always on set, and when he wasn't napping, or playing BRICK BREAKER on his Blackberry he really pitched in and made sure I got the shots I wanted. My vision.

What would you say was your biggest obstacle within this shoot?

Living up to the hype of the first SAW. Also money and time… Both of which you always hope to have more of. We shot the film in 25 days, which is 7 more days than the first SAW but, by no means an easy shooting schedule. It's the old adage, if I had 26 days, I would have wanted 27 - if I had 27 I would have wanted 28.

What was your biggest surprise?

How much food in my minibar cost! No joke, don't even think about eating a Snickers from a mini-bar... I learned the hard way! Kids learn from my mistakes… Do not USE THE MINIBAR!!! (sighs) I think my biggest surprise came from the actors - how great everyone was to work with. How much they all brought to the table. I watched some of these people growing up on TV and then step into a soundstage and there they are, waiting for me... I love my cast! They took our script to the next level - I was extremely lucky.

Visually, did you stay close to the first film’s vibe and at the same time, what did you do to make it your film?

Yes, David Armstrong returns who shot the first film. He was invaluable to me and the filming process. He, like James and Leigh, insured the film had that same gritty feel and vibe as the first. Charlie Clouser who created the score, Kevin Greutert, the editor, Dan Heffner one of the co-producers and all the TWISTED PICTURES boys also came back. It was important to keep the original creative team. SAW II is vastly different however from its predecessor, yet still thrives in the SAW universe. James and I share a lot of the same influences, but at the end of the day we have different styles and approaches to ‘getting the shot’.

Are we in for a softer SAW then the original violence wise or a much rougher one?

"OH YES, THERE WILL BE BLOOD", and a lot of it! SAW II is definitely a lot more violent than the first; it’s much more unrelenting; from the second it begins, to the final frame. But the movie plays on so many levels other than ’just violence’ - but that being said - don’t worry about the gore, cause it’s there. And a hell’uva lot of it

Is the door left open for another sequel… if successful of course?

They don't tell me these types of things... I think any movie can have a sequel, regardless of if its left open for one or not... I mean how many times has JASON died... How many times did they blow up Jaws...?

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More Info on the SAW 2 Clip at fango con

While I was online I saw that the same post I got the news from, someone went to fango con :) here is a quote:

hey guys...wasnt able to tape it, but the scene was not a scene with amanda, its the "venus fly trap" scene, which is the opening of the film. it looks amazing. was able to meet Leigh and James too...such nice guys, got pics with them, and got them to sign my saw II poster and my saw dvd....when i get the pics developed ill post em...

YAY! Someone went! now we know what the clip is like, More Info:

Originally Posted by True Enemy
sounds cool. Did they show the entire scene? Was it Gory? Did Jigsaw sound just like he did in Saw 1 and could you possibly give us an idea what "Michael" did to deserve where he is?

they showed just about the entire scene, but cut the clip just before the timer on the trap hit 0, so its a good cliffhanger til oct 28th. and i cant remember if they say in the scene why he deserved it, but jigsaw sounds pretty much the same, a tad bit different, but nothing major..the scene was a little hard to watch, because of the situation michael was in, i wont say anything else about it, dont wanna spoil anything.

Yay!!!!! More Info! xD Thats it though. Just to let you all know the information, I'm surprised I didn't get this up earlier

When the Clip is Found I WILL link to it! Check back here for more!

Saw 2 Live Chat with Leigh Whannel and Darren Bousman

From Here

Miracle workers we are. Diabolical serial killers with a penchant for morality mind games and elaborate puzzles, we most certainly are not. So, to herald the arrival of Lions Gate Films and Twisted Pictures’ Saw II - the follow-up to last Halloween's horror hit - what we are not going to do is choose some random reader, pit him or her in a foreign environment with some creepy-ass puppet while we watch with satisfaction their plight on a webcam feed.

Although I’m sure some of you sick screws would like that, wouldn't ya?

The legal ramifications would be a tad bothersome and we’d like to avoid that. What we are going to do, however, is host another wave of live chats with the sick minds behind the film and those who are unwillingly exposed to Jigsaw's latest scheme. Not familiar with the world of Saw and all this “Jigsaw” jive talkin' I'm doing? Here's a synopsis of the latest chapter, directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, to catch you up to speed: "Jigsaw is back. The brilliant, disturbed mastermind who wreaked havoc on his victims in last year's SAW is back for another round of horrifying life-or-death games. When a new murder victim is discovered with all the signs of Jigsaw's hand, Detective Eric Mathews (Donnie Wahlberg) begins a full investigation and apprehends Jigsaw with little effort. But for Jigsaw, getting caught is just another part of his nefarious plan. Eight more of his victims are already fighting for their lives - and now it's time for Mathews to join the game.".

To kick off the series of chats we'll be hosting throughout the month of October (leading up to Saw II's October 28th release) , The Horror Channel welcomes Bousman and sequel co-writer, and original Saw co-star, Leigh Whannell on October 5th at 9pm EST/6pm Pacific. They'll be popping in on our chat room - which you can access here - that night to discuss the flick…and maybe it's secrets? Maybe. But you might have to show them how much blood you’re willing to shed for some knowledge.

We like our chats to begin in a timely fashion, so if you plan on participating, we suggest you get in early. Now, here's what the rest of the month looks like. Keep in mind that many of the actors involved are pretty damn busy these days. Last minute changes should not come as a surprise.

October 12th: Franky G
October 13th: Emmanuelle Vaugier
October 19th: Lyriq Bent
October 20th: Shawnee Smith
October 27th: Donnie Wahlberg
November 3rd: Tobin Bell

All chats will begin at the same time: 9pm EST/6pm Pacific unless any adjustments are made. Furthermore, each week we'll be selecting one participant (of the non-guest variety, of course) to win a special prize pack of Saw-related goodies. We'll announce the winner and any changes regarding the chats on this page, so check back regularly!

And don't forget to get your hands dirty in the Saw II official site here!

Im in there and im just gunna stay in there till the 5th :)

Seconds Monitor Up

Its preety tight, you should check it out.

It is only on the UNCENSORED site.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Exclusive SAW II scene at Fango con

Straight from Fangoria:

An exclusive scene from Lions Gate’s SAW II will debut at the FANGORIA Weekend of Horrors convention this Saturday, September 24 at the New Jersey Meadowlands Crowne Plaza Hotel (2 Harmon Plaza, Secaucus). SAW creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell will screen the clip during their presentation. Newcomer Darren Lynn Bousman directed SAW II, which opens October 28.

Guests announced for the Weekend program include Clive Barker; MASTERS OF HORROR directors John Landis and Mick Garris; SLITHER actors Michael (HENRY) Rooker, Gregg (BODY DOUBLE) Henry and Elizabeth (SPIDER-MAN) Banks, along with writer/director James (DAWN OF THE DEAD) Gunn and producer Paul (WHITE NOISE) Brooks; Emily (GINGER SNAPS) Perkins; John (TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE) Harrison; Kelly (THE RING TWO) Stables; REEKER star Eric Mabius, writer/director Dave Payne and producer/actress Tina Illman; Full Moon chief Charles Band; FEAST director John Gulager, his dad Clu (RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD) Gulager, actress Diane Ayala Goldner and actor Judah (AMERICAN SPLENDOR) Friedlander; FX artist-turned-director Ryan (LIVE FEED) Nicholson; scream queen Debbie Rochon; rocker Dee Snider; and an exciting roster of leading independent filmmakers.

The Weekend is co-produced by FANGORIA magazine and Creation Entertainment; for more information and tickets to the event, go to See FANGORIA #247 (on sale September 20) for our first news on SAW II and #248 (on sale in October) for a full set-visit report, and check out the movie’s official website here. —Tony Timpone

So, new scene soon? Can you wait? I can't.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

"OH YES!!! There will be more!"

Because I am keeping you informed on everytyhing Darren Bousman (director of saw 2) left a little snippet on the house of jigsaw fourms, it has alot to do with the clip and how often he's on the fourms:

hey all! Just checking in! I will try to answer as many questions I can in the next couple days! But I see many of you are asking about the new clip with the gunshot and was it edited down... All I can say is this... Take it for what you will... OH YES, THERE WILL BE MORE...

;-) Hope that helps,

SAW Shirts

Check them out at HotTopic:
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Saw Jigsaw Game T-Shirt 2XL
Saw 2 Poster T-Shirt 2XL

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Saw the Podcast UPDATE 1

Im starting a Saw Podcast!

Here's the deal, I broght it up on the Saw 2 Message Boards (the House of jigsaw fourms) and It got a good response, so as I get everything ready I will keep you all informed on the status of the new saw podcast.

To Do List:

  • Make A Theme

  • Make a Ending Theme

  • Get Skype Recording Software

It just...........wont work............

The official trailer has hit the official SAW 2 site but, well, it just wont work.

Until then you can view the trailer by clicking the link in our navigation menu.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Features (From the house of jigsaw message boards, not sure of there Authenticity.)
  • Saw original short film
  • Animated storyboard sequence
  • 2 feature-length audio
  • commentary with director, actor & producers
  • On-set preview of Saw 2
  • Trailers
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Mockumentary: Investigating JIGSAW
  • Interactive game: .Jigsaw.s Workshop.
  • Easter Eggs - Saw in 30 seconds & Biography of a Puppet
  • Extra few seconds of Dr. Gordon cutting off his foot and Amanda playing with her cellmates guts.
  • Due out Oct. 18th
I cant wait, I did not buy the original DVD because it just did not have enough features. I wish they put more into the original release, but they didn't, so here I have the unrated version plus way more features then the original DVD and in 2 discs, Im so happy >:)

Saw 2 Soundtrack Information.

Straight From IGN

"September 16, 2005 - On October 25th, 2005, just three days before the nationwide opening of Saw II, Treadstone Records will release the soundtrack to the horror film sequel.

"We were looking for tracks with an edge-of-your-seat intensity to reflect the mood of 'SAW II,'" explains Jonathan Platt, president of Treadstone Records, which will release the SAW II Soundtrack Oct. 25, 2005. "But we didn't want to rely on aggressive vocals and volume. We didn't want to make a heavy metal record, which would have been the obvious choice."

To this end the album will feature exclusive remixes of songs by Marilyn Manson, Queens of the Stone Age, Puscifer, as well as tracks from Mudvayne, The Used, Sevendust, Papa Roach, Skinny Puppy, Bloodsimple and others. The music will be integrated into the score by composer Charlie Clouser, who also crafted the music for the original Saw.

The exclusive remix tracks include:
  • The Venus Head Trap Mix of Marilyn Manson's "Irresponsible Hate Anthem" by Nine Inch Nails alumni Danny Lohner, former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland and Clouser
  • The UNKLE Variation of Queens of the Stone Age's "Burn the Witch"
  • Lohner's REV 4:20 Mix of "REV 22:20" by Puscifer (the duo of Maynard James Keenan and Lohner himself)
  • "September," a previously unreleased B-side from Bloodsimple, who were recruited for the SAW II Soundtrack by Mudvayne (the band is signed to Bullygoat Records, Mudvayne singer Chad Gray's Warner Bros. imprint.)

    The album will also feature the following tracks:
    The Used - "Sound Effects and Overdramatics"
    Papa Roach - "Blood [Empty Promises]"
    Skinny Puppy - Ken "Hiwatt" Marshall Remix [DDT Mix] of "Rodent"
    Revolting Cocks featuring Gibby Haynes and Al Jourgensen - "Caliente [Dark Entries]"
    Sevendust - "Pieces"
    The Legion of Doom - "Home Invasion Robbery"
    Buckethead and Friends with renowned poet/spoken-word artist Saul Williams - "Three Fingers"
    Opiate for the Masses - "Step Up"
    A Band Called Pain - "Holy""

  • It'll be a preety decent CD, no songs im personally looking forward to but hey, its Saw 2 (and I havent heard like, any of thoose songs xD)


    From Bousmans Blog:
    Ok, I got to hand it to the higher ups - the soundtrack for this movie is f'ing insane?!?!?! INSANE I tell you??? So, I think I mentioned before, I just shot the music video for MUDVAYNE, who happen to be doing a track for SAW II. I knew of Mudvayne before, but it wasn't tell working on the video that I really 'HEARD' Mudvayne... These guys are AMAZING... So, I would be excited as hell just to have Mudvayne on the soundtrack... But no, not only do we have just Mudvayne, but, get this -
    1. “Irresponsible Hate Anthem” (Venus Head Trap Mix) MARILYN MANSON
    2. “Sound Effects and Over Dramatics” THE USED
    3. “Forget To Remember” MUDVAYNE
    4. “September” BLOODSIMPLE
    5. “Blood (Empty Promises)” PAPA ROACH
    6. “REV 22:20” (Rev 4:20 Mix)PUSCIFER
    7. “Pieces” SEVENDUST
    8. “Rodent” (Ken ‘Hiwatt’ Marshall remix/ DDT mix) SKINNY PUPPY
    9. “Burn The Witch” (Unkle Variation) QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE
    10. “Holy” A BAND CALLED PAIN
    12. “Home Invasion Robbery” THE LEGION OF DOOM
    13. “Caliente (Dark Entries)” REVOLTING COCKS FEAT. GIBBY HAYNES (Butthole Surfers) & AL JOURGENSEN(Ministry)
    15. “Don’t Forget The Rules” (score) CHARLIE CLOUSER

    How exciting is this?? Groups I grew up listening to - are on the soundtrack to my movie???? I am not saying this as some type of shameless promotion for the film. But get this soundtrack when it comes out!!!!


    Get to know me.

    Until somthing about SAW 2 shows up I have nothing to post, No back page news was available today so I decided to do this post so you can get to know me:


    Favorite Sites

    Movies dot Com

    Wednesday, September 21, 2005

    Whats this...........?

    Its seens the Saw 2 countdown has been reset and is now counting down to its original date:

    6 days, 5 hours, 54 minutes , 15 seconds

    Counting down to new sites? new games? anything new?!?!?! Well only time will tell and hopefully in that time we will finally get to know what the countdown is for.

    New Saw 2 Poster

    Also in Photo Gallery

    Straight from Bloody Disgusting:

    Lions Gate Films's Saw II is on its way to theaters October 28th so now is probably a good time for them to release their brand spaking new poster! Read on for a look at the gritty poster featuring the clown for Saw. While investigating the bloody aftermath of a grizzly murder, Detective Eric Mason (Donnie Wahlberg) has the feeling that it is the work of Jigsaw, the notorious killer who disappeared leaving a trail of bodies - and parts - behind. And Mason is right. Jigsaw is at work again. But instead of two people locked in a room with only one unthinkable way out, there are eight. Eight strangers – unaware of their connection to each other -- forced to play out a game that challenges their wits and puts their lives in jeopardy.

    There its is, I love it...... you?


    • Poster and Logo in Photo Gallery.
    • Some EXCLUSIVE pictures here.
    • Site Finished, Now its time to update on a regular basis (which I will do.)
    • Have Fun :)

    Thoose are all of the updates, there will be more features to come as, well, I find some more features out,maybe even start a chatroom, if enough people will come.

    Anyway I hope you all like the site.

    Stop here for all your SAW news.

    trust me, this site is SAWesome.


    RELEASE DATE: October 27th 2006
    DIRECTOR: Darren Bousman
    WRITER: Leigh Whannell, James Wan
    SCREENPLAY: Leigh Whannell
    STARRING: Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Bahar Soomekh, Angus Macfadyen and Dina Meyer
    STUDIO: Lions Gate Films
    RATING: R for strong grisly violence and gore. Sequences of terror and torture, nudity and language.

    Jigsaw - " haven't seen anything yet!"

    Jigsaw has disappeared.

    With his new apprentice Amanda (Shawnee Smith), the puppet-master behind the cruel, intricate games that have terrified a community and baffled police has once again eluded capture and vanished. While city detectives scramble to locate him, Doctor Lynn Denlon (Bahar Soomekh) is unaware that she is about to become the latest pawn on his vicious chessboard.

    One night, after finishing a shift at her hospital, Lynn is kidnapped and taken to an abandoned warehouse where she meets Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), bedridden and on the verge of death. She is told that she must keep the madman alive for as long as it takes Jeff (Angus Macfayden), another of his victims, to complete a game of his own. Racing against the ticking clock of Jigsaw's own heartbeat, Lynn and Jeff struggle to make it through each of their vicious tests, unaware that he has a much bigger plan for both of them...



    PLEASE NOTE: The clip is EDITED for Television. This does not reflect the scene that is in the actual final film. It's more violent then this.

    About SAW 2

    Directed by
    Darren Lynn Bousman

    Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
    Darren Lynn Bousman

    Leigh Whannell

    Cast (in alphabetical order)
    Tobin Bell .... John (The Jigsaw Killer)
    Lyriq Bent .... Rigg
    Tim Burd .... Obi
    John Fallon .... Video Techie
    Franky G .... Xavier
    Erik Knudsen .... Daniel
    Dina Meyer .... Kerry
    Beverley Mitchell .... Laura
    Tony Nappo .... Gus
    Glenn Plummer .... Jonas
    Shawnee Smith .... Amanda
    Emmanuelle Vaugier .... Addison
    Donnie Wahlberg .... Det. Eric Mason

    Plot: "Det. Eric Matthews has caught the Jigsaw killer and is looking to put a stop to his current game, already in progress. That game includes a house where unlucky participants are imprisoned and forced to off each other in brutal ways (similar to how Smith's character was forced to kill an innocent man to save her own life in the first film) while a series of video cameras capture the killings. What Matthews doesn't realize is that the game is unfolding right in front of him...."

    • Was shot in 25 days.

    • The advertising posters for the film had to be recalled on orders from the MPAA because the two severed fingers forming the "II" in the posters did not meet guidelines for film advertising. The new poster makes it more obscure. Also, posters had listed the film as being rated R when at the time the film still hadn't gone before the MPAA for a rating.

    Photo Slideshow/Gallery

    Wallpapers Galore

    Tuesday, September 20, 2005


    PSP Version - IPod Version

    provided by SAW the Blog :)