Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hope you all love SAW the Blog

Hey all, I am just giving you a update because I have not been, well, talking to you and giving you updates about the site, just news news news, I know news is ALWAYS GOOD but well, You need updates on your #1 saw resource station !!!! There haven't been many site updates, but the theme I modified and tweaked, alot, for your SAW pleasure, and well, I wish I had a Hit Counter, but there so corny!!!! I may get one, I want some stats :) anyway I do Have some updates, My friend got a SAW 2 shirt (shoutout!) and its awesome! you should check them out! I may get one of billy. Anyway this is me Uselessly Saying crap but I do have an update, check out this:

(Posted by Sick-from-the-disease on the HOJ fourms, Post Located Here)

Why would you Build your own SAW II fan site ?

7 of you, have took the initiative for no reason at all . Your efforts do not go unnoticed .

Many of you on this forum have said, you want to help make SAW II a huge hit, at the box office in October .

Darren has asked, everyone, to tell everyone you know about the movie !

The more of you that participate, in creating your own SAW II fan sites, the more SAW II info there is in the far reaching world of the internet .

So, how many of you, will tell everyone you know about the movie ?

How many of you will make the extra effort as the 7 members that have so far, and create your own SAW II site, to add to the ever reaching SAW universe ?

Maybe Some SAW II Memorabilia could be in store for the best looking site/sites creator ?

Perhaps an autographed piece of Saw II memorabilia could be arranged ?

Perhaps ..............

Remember Zeps play me tape ? " Will you murder a mother and her child to save your own life ? There are rules "

Your task, isnt nearly as difficult

Create your own SAW II Fan site .

The more of you that show interest in this project, the more leverage Id have with Jigsaw .

Interested now ? Show me !

Perhaps there will be more news to come..................... thats up to you all.

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CABOOSE said...

Hey, i know that person who got the saw shirt!