Monday, September 26, 2005

More Info on the SAW 2 Clip at fango con

While I was online I saw that the same post I got the news from, someone went to fango con :) here is a quote:

hey guys...wasnt able to tape it, but the scene was not a scene with amanda, its the "venus fly trap" scene, which is the opening of the film. it looks amazing. was able to meet Leigh and James too...such nice guys, got pics with them, and got them to sign my saw II poster and my saw dvd....when i get the pics developed ill post em...

YAY! Someone went! now we know what the clip is like, More Info:

Originally Posted by True Enemy
sounds cool. Did they show the entire scene? Was it Gory? Did Jigsaw sound just like he did in Saw 1 and could you possibly give us an idea what "Michael" did to deserve where he is?

they showed just about the entire scene, but cut the clip just before the timer on the trap hit 0, so its a good cliffhanger til oct 28th. and i cant remember if they say in the scene why he deserved it, but jigsaw sounds pretty much the same, a tad bit different, but nothing major..the scene was a little hard to watch, because of the situation michael was in, i wont say anything else about it, dont wanna spoil anything.

Yay!!!!! More Info! xD Thats it though. Just to let you all know the information, I'm surprised I didn't get this up earlier

When the Clip is Found I WILL link to it! Check back here for more!

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