Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Beverley Mitchell, Movie-Worn Blouse SAW II,

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Here is a Beverley Mitchell (Laura) authentic movie-worn blouse -- from the terrific new movie: Saw II. This designer blouse was actually worn by Beverley Mitchell (her character's name in the movie is Laura). The blouse has movie blood from one of the major moments in the film. Beverley Mitchell is one of the stars of SAW II, and she’s also one of the stars (she plays LUCY) in the hit TV series, “7th Heaven”....The original costume tag is attached to the shirt. The tag reads: "#8 Laura Real Stage Blood, Used Only Sc's (Scenes) 28 32 33 On the Day"...The fancy blue blouse is in excellent condition (made by the company, BUFFALO with their tag inside, Size 25). The blouse is very special -- it has considerable “movie blood” and would make a great addition to your collection (see the photo below). You will love this item!

Raybin Management, LLC has an exclusive deal for all the original and authentic memorabilia (Props, Costumes, Scripts and Autographs) from both SAW films -- through an exclusive arrangement with Twisted Pictures (the producers of the film). We are the only place you can obtain authentic items directly from the SAW films.

SAW 2 is the sequel to the smash hit movie, SAW. The sequel features the return of the sadistic killer “Jigsaw.” While investigating the bloody aftermath of a grizzly murder, Detective Eric Mason (Donnie Wahlberg) has the feeling that it’s the work of Jigsaw, the notorious killer who disappeared leaving a trail of parts and bodies (behind). And Detective Mason is right. Jigsaw is at work again. The noted killer continues his next game on a group of 8 unlucky victims, who are locked away and forced to kill each other, while Detective Mason tries to track him down -- while the game of murder is unknowingly going on all around him.

This Incredibly Unique item will come with a Very Special Letter of Authenticity Signed by The Producers of The Movie (Twisted Pictures).

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