Friday, September 30, 2005



hey man...i dont mind spoiling it for you lol...the scene starts with michael waking up and looking in the mirror, seeing his eye badly cut, and having the venus fly trap device around his neck. then the tv set in the room turns on its jigsaw, explaining to michael whats going on, and explaining about the device. then on the screen it shows the human Jigsaw, John(tobin bell), doing something to micheals face while he is sleeping. the tape shows that jigsaw has put the key to the lock to the device inside his face, underneath his right eye, which explains the bloody eye. the only way to get the key, is for michael to slice open his eye and remove the key. you also see a shot of an x ray, which shows a key right in front his eye. michael walks over to a tool box in the room and pulls out a scalple, and pulls away from the wall, which in turn pulls the string off the fly trap, and sets off the timer. 60 seconds til it closes on his face, and he keepys trying to slice open the eye to get the key, but cant seem to do it, the timer is getting closer and closer and as it hits 0 the screen turns white and you see "SAW II OCTOBER 28TH 2005" as you hear a noise in the background that sounds like a venus fly trap closing...but we dont see what happens...hope you enjoyed that... lol

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