Thursday, September 29, 2005

More SAW 2 Info

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I was a tad surprised to see that SAW II director Darren Bousman was absent from this panel. His presence would have been appreciated since he’s…well the director and co-writer of the film. But I digress. Wan and Whannell kicked in with good humor and gave us some insight on the SAW sequel and the upcoming double-dip SAW DVD (pre-order it here). But first the VENUS FLY TRAP clip.

CLIP: The clip showcased some dude in a deadly Venus Fly Trap apparel (the one we’ve seen online everywhere). And he has to to cut open his right eye with a scalpel to get to the key which was surgically inserted behind it. The scene was well shot, tense and vicious. To be honest, it had me and my friend Deke cringing like schoolgirls. I hope the whole of the film is that freaking harsh!

Didn’t learn too much from this panel that I didn’t already know but here are a few stabs.

- Wan said that this sequel makes the original look like a Disney movie in terms of violence.

- The flick explores the “why” behind Jigsaw’s lunatic actions.

- The upcoming SAW DVD (October 18, 2005 release) will be unrated and color corrected (by Wan himself). In Wan's words; it will be the closest to what SAW was intended to be.

- Both Wan and Whannell want to eventually work outside the genre .

- A SAW 3 is highly feasible if SAW 2 makes it dough.

It's always great to see Wan and Whannell again; they still come across as genre fans who are making genre films and always sport an appealing easygoingness. The slick VENUS FLY TRAP scene aside; I didn’t get much out of this show though; we needed Bousman there to grill his ass!

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