Thursday, September 22, 2005


Features (From the house of jigsaw message boards, not sure of there Authenticity.)
  • Saw original short film
  • Animated storyboard sequence
  • 2 feature-length audio
  • commentary with director, actor & producers
  • On-set preview of Saw 2
  • Trailers
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Mockumentary: Investigating JIGSAW
  • Interactive game: .Jigsaw.s Workshop.
  • Easter Eggs - Saw in 30 seconds & Biography of a Puppet
  • Extra few seconds of Dr. Gordon cutting off his foot and Amanda playing with her cellmates guts.
  • Due out Oct. 18th
I cant wait, I did not buy the original DVD because it just did not have enough features. I wish they put more into the original release, but they didn't, so here I have the unrated version plus way more features then the original DVD and in 2 discs, Im so happy >:)

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