Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SAW V Early Fan Reviews


"Saw the movie a few hours ago and I loved it..
out of 10. ill give it a 9 as it wasnt too fast paced like 4, and it had loads more blood which im a big fan of seeing in movies.

The end twist wants you to watch number 6 because SAW is fricken amazing!"

"I love the gore, but im also heavy story driven and i think you cant compare it to 3 and 4 as they are both highly connected. Number 5 just makes it its own in bringing a new chapter the the Jigsaw mystery. " -- Both from roblett on HOJ forums.

"...Well, it was good and bad. Probably a little better than 4, but there's not too much I can explain that hasn't already been shown in the clips. Once again, they revealed WAY too much this year..." -- GoldenEyeRa (a lot of his posts have MAJOR spoilers.)

From what I have been hearing the twist is not AMAZING but the movie is. I'm hearing the film is one of the more fun SAW films and full of fun.

More mini-reviews to come later...

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