Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Saw Fans Summarized Review of V (No Spoilers)

"Personally, I'd give the film 3 stars or 3.5 stars out of 5. So, pretty good in other words. To compare, I gave Saw I 4 stars, Saw II 3 stars, Saw III 3.5 stars and Saw IV 2 stars. So yeah, I enjoyed it more than Saw II and Saw IV, but the gore was sometimes a little bit too far. If you're a gore fan however, you'll love it.

As for which one I'd compare it to, it probably seems the most like a combo between Saw II and Saw IV (even though I said they were my least favourite lol), but the film overall is kind of its own thing really, seems different to all the ones we've seen so far, not really in a bad way though.

Lastly, the traps turned out really good this year, 100x better than the crud in Saw IV. The group traps are good, particularly the last one, and they keep you really hooked. Seth's trap is also interesting, but I'm pretty sure we all know that Strahm's water box steals the show in coolness "-GoldenEyeRa

Sounds like we are in for a great SAW.

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