Sunday, May 07, 2006

"Brace Yourself" a new post from Darren Bousman on HOJ

Friends! It has been a LONG WHILE since we last spoke. But - WE'RE BAAAAAACK!!!! That's right in about a week we start shooting SAW III. Please trust me when I tell you - this one is not for the squeamish! Forget all of these horror films that claim to be gory and scary - SAW III is the REAL DEAL - we have a TON of violence, gore, a few surprises and oh yes, TRAPS!!!!

I have to tell you all I just got back from the special effects house who will be building all of the body parts and gore for the film. I nearly vomited. Some of the macabre things we have in store for you will make SAW II look like a children’s film!

There is so much I want to tell you - but where is the fun in that? I think I will make you wait!

In the meantime - stay tuned!

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