Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New blog for SAW III


Wow - It has been FOREVER since last time we all talked. I am sorry that I have been out of touch, but this year has been killer!!! Saw III stands to be one WILD ride!!!! Currently I am sitting here at Deluxe Toronto, working on our FINAL AUDIO MiX for the film. It is crazy how much sound design and score really add to a picture. I was disgusted before - now I am just plain appalled!!! There are some things in this film that will make even the hard core squeemish!!!!
A lot of you keep emailing me asking if I am proud. The answer.
It was so great working with the same crew - it was basically like none of us ever left! And now, here I am, a year later - back on same Mix stage - with the same Mixers!!!
These last months have been intense. A lot of people don't realize that once a film stops shooting it is NO WHERE NEAR over.
Kevin (the editor) and myself had only two months to get a locked picture of the film. Then we have to submit that to the producers for notes. Once we reedit based on the producers notes, we have to resubmit - this time to the MPAA. Obviously the MPAA had some issues with our film so we have to reedit based on their concerns. Once the MPAA and producers sign off we have to get the film over to the sound
design team to start working their magic. THEN, I get on a plane
to fly to Los Angeles, and meet with SUPER GENIUS Charlie Clouser and we sit though and watch the film and discuss music. BACK to Toronto after meeting with Charlie to now meet with our special effects team about what post production effects we will be needing. Then starts ADR - ADR is when you rerecord an actor due to unusable production audio. So back on a plane I go, first to Montreal to meet with Angus
- then to LA to catch up with Tobin, Shawnee, and Bahar.
So here I am, back in Toronto, a little under the weather, and much exhausted working on the SOUND MIX!!!!
Well guys, it's great to be back, and start looking for more bloggs - I will keep you all up to date on the status on the film, and what is going on!!!
Stay sick and twisted,


chunkukdocat38 said...

please please please let tobin know i am a fan of jigsaw he rocks and makes the wole film!!!!

Anonymous said...

guys - new Saw 3 website just launched. you have to torture people to watch exclusive content... great fun and very sick!