Sunday, October 29, 2006


Its not like we didn't see it coming. SAW III has topped the box office again with 34 million dollars proving that people still love close to NC-17 torture and gore.

Isn't that awesome?

SO SAW IV........

How is it going to come about.......?


Anonymous said...

Following up the wonderful Saw Trilogy with Saw IV, Saw V, is the biggest mistake of the century!

Understand when you have a winning trilogy, and LEAVE IT BE!!! To continue on in the sake of the almighty dollar is an abhorable thought.

My suggestion? Close the "Saw" franchise with the 3rd installment as the "final" sequel -- go down in history as one of the few creative teams who actually PULLED OFF an effective trilogy -- and then assemble the creative team to move forward with a BRAND NEW franchise.

Start something new -- don't beat a dead horse and don't diminish the greatness you've done to date -- keep the same creative team and come up with a new concept. That way, the fans are happy, the studio still makes $$$, and you maintain the integrity of the "Saw" brand!


Stephen Studios said...

I agree with wjb.

Jigsaw's dead, Amanda bleeds to death, there isnt any other jigsaw to play games with. Dr.Gordon is going to be brought back as the new jigsaw? Doesnt make sense jigsaw dead he doesnt have someone breathing down his neck telling him not to stop the traps. Unless they come up with the most in-genius idea to how there could even be a 4th and 5th I'd stop the series and work on a new idea.

Apparently they're definitely making a 4th and with the website already been bought by lionsgate this one hopefully is something we'd never see coming in amilion years.


Anonymous said...

aaaaahhh!!! SPOILER!!! steve! you could have at least warned people.. godamnit..

wjb, if you're so smart about these things, why don't you come up with a new idea for a franchise? and a successful one.
anyway, even if they would make a new franchise with the exact same creators and production team, how do you know that it's gonna be as good as SAW? how do you know that the audience is gonna like it? so it said on the posters and trailers "From the creators of SAW"... it doesn't say that everyone who liked SAW would like this one..
I don't know what they're going to do in SAW IV, now after you told me that both jigsaw and amanda are dead, but if they say there's gonna be SAW IV so i'm sure james & lee can make it. I trust them.

on the other hand... you might be right.

Stephen Studios said...

sorry anonymous.. i forgot

Anonymous said...