Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The 53 second long SAW IV trailer that (wont?) be in front of Halloween

from House of Jigsaw:

Just wanted everyone to know the disappointing news, which is (obviously from the headline) that the Saw IV trailer WILL NOT be attached to Halloween. I know we all assumed that, but I have proof. I work at my city's theater, so every week we get an e-mail stating what trailers will be attached or enclosed with the movie coming. Well, Halloween's name was on there but there was no Saw IV listed under it. Instead there is (supposed) to be The Mist, Feast of Love, One Missed Call, and National Treasure 2. It's not even listed under Death Sentence.

It's a little blurry because I had to copy this list, but here is the sheet I am talking about...

Now what IS interesting is that the movie 3:10 to Yuma, which doesn't come out until September 7, has Saw IV listed under it. Here's a close-up of it...

What's interesting to note is that it says the trailer running time is 53 seconds. This seems a little short to me, but I guess something is better than nothing.

So I guess we still have yet another week to wait and see the trailer. I'm sorry to disappoint you guys, but I felt like you probably wanted to know. At least we know for sure now, I guess. And who knows, maybe, just maybe, the trailer for Saw IV will pop up under Halloween. Lionsgate may be yanking our chains or something. I try to be optimistic.

~Mr. Jawtrap

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