Friday, December 07, 2007

SAW V Info.

Because you want more.... :D

With the announcement that Lionsgate will bring Saw V to theaters on October 24, 2008, we dropped in a call to our new director, David Hackl, to get a statement for you guys. "You have to realize that I am probably one of the biggest Saw fans out there," Hackl tells Bloody-Disgusting. "My team and I are the ones who have had the awesome task of designing and building the Saw traps since Saw II. So now I'm about to helm Saw V. I'm as psyched as anyone could be. You can let the fans know that they won't be let down or I will have let myself down. Jigsaw might be dead but that would never stop him and it certainly won't stop me. "...My work has just begun." " Watch for our regular coverage to begin as soon as casting is announced.


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