Tuesday, February 12, 2008

SAW V Trap Updates

You're not sick of hearing about Jigsaw and his insane traps? Good to hear, because David Hackl is gearing up to direct his first film, Saw V, for Lionsgate. He's ready to chat and has a lot of good things to say, you can read it all inside. Saw V arrives in theaters October 24 from a screenplay by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton.

Director David Hackl tells us that filming is only a month away. "We are five weeks from shooting, we are deep in prep now and the production offices are buzzing. On Monday our construction team begins to fill our newly renovated 38 thousand square foot studio (The same place that we shot Bousman's Repo! only cleaned up)."

Directing your first movie is an exciting moment, and Hackl is dreaming of a bright future. "It still amazes me when I look into an empty studio knowing that it will be full within a couple of weeks. Tony Ianni has moved into my old spot as production designer with zeal."

As for the traps, Hackl tells us that these are actually going to be dangerous! "Yesterday he (Tony Ianni) handed me a "reference" DVD from Jason Ehl our trap builder. I opened it just before leaving the office to go have my birthday dinner with my wife and kids. The disc was full of real life "inspiration" from industrial accidents, plane crashes and road disasters," he continues, "I almost hurled on my laptop. It all came from a discussion that we were having about the fact that the human body doesn't actually lose that much blood after the heart stops beating. It actually acts like a vessel, containing the blood unless there is an injury that allows it to drain downward. I like attention to detail." I winder how the cast will react to the news that a trap could actually kill them!? "Today I am looking forward to making a phone call to one of our cast to ask him how he feels about getting into a trap that could potentially kill him. For real. Of course we will make it as safe as we can and have paramedics standing by while we shoot. Its not like he really has an option and maybe it will make him appreciate his life. Ha!!"

Watch for more SAW V goodness when filming begins next month.



Anonymous said...

Saw 1,2,3 and 4 are absolutly amazing an grusome. i loved the traps and the way he taught each of his victims to value the meaning of life. i also loved the way that jigsaw came up with differnet traps for differnet victims. ABSOLUTLY LOVED IT, CANT WAIT FOR SAW 5. keep up the good work, im lovin' it :)

Anonymous said...

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Mikey said...

Just saw the film and and liked it very much highley recommended.