Wednesday, June 11, 2008

UPDATE: No Shawnee Smith in SAW V

From an interview with Tobin Bell:

"-Can you tell us if Shawnee [Smith] is in this one?

No, she’s not in this one. There was a moment where she was supposed to be, but she ended up having to go to Bulgaria or some place like that to do some film, and so it didn’t work out. It’s kind of an idea for something, but I hope very much to get Shawnee back into the story. Some things you can control, some things you can’t."

Read the full interview here.


Anonymous said...

I really hope shawnee is back for saw5 she was awesome in the other saw movies AMANDA'S KICKASS

ianforcer said...

Think about it, this may have just been a ruse to throw us off the scent of her return. Like we never expected Eric to return, the same might be said of Amanda. We'll see...