Monday, August 11, 2008

Hey Everyone

The SAW News will start pouring in VERY SOON. I'm looking forward to the new images, pics and full trailer that are bound to come out very very soon.


Please help me get a PS3

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Franklin said...

To be honest, getting a PS3 through those kind of referral sites is a lot tougher than it sounds.

I have the MGS4 PS3 bundle and it was totally worth the wait. If you're looking to get the system you might want to try this Stacker 2 contest. All you have to do is design a 6 Hour Power shirt and you could win a PS3 (or 360, your choice), a copy of Rise of the Argonauts, a year's supply of 6 Hour Power, and 10 t-shirts with your design on it. I work with them so I can't enter, but I'll definitely vote for your design if you enter.

Here are the details: Just send me an e-mail if you enter!

Franklin Keane