Thursday, July 20, 2006

SAW 4 Being Planned

I know alot of you dont want this to become a crappy franchise but as long as they have the twists and more from the first two movies in the next two. I wont care =D

We're here sweating our asses off at this year's San Diego Comic Con trying to keep you guys posted on all of the major horror announcements... and here's a whopper of one. B-D reporter Slice reports live from the event that Lionsgate will instantly begin prepping 'Saw 4' if the third film in the franchise is a sucess, which I'm sure it will be. Watch this spot for more news as it comes in live from the con!!! 'Saw 3' hits theaters this October.


Anonymous said...

im just passing by and saying that i saw the movie and it was good and i really want to be sure if there is going to be a saw 4 coming soon .

Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure where they can go with this one. The third installment of Saw was endlessly disappointing. Now, the franchise is forced to continue without the actor playing Jigsaw. The fourth installment could very well be an uphill battle that will not please many people.