Friday, July 07, 2006

"An Update"

Posted on HOJ by darren bousman:

Hey guys - I thought I would drop in and say hello! I am sitting here in the edit room working on the last five minutes of the film! Even I get chills when I see it! Being a horror fan - I really think you guys will dig this! Scary, and intense - and yes for you gore hounds - there is blood!

Wanted to give everyone an update - my bloggs should be starting up again within the week - so check there for more updates.

Also if any of you are in California area, myself and Leigh will be at Comic-Con this year! Stop by, say hello!

Alright back to the film October 27th is right around the corner!

And to quote Jigsaw in Saw 3... "Suffering... You haven't seen anything yet!"


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