Monday, July 20, 2009


Hey Everyone! It's SAW season! Production has come and gone and the film is going to be out on OCTOBER 23rd.

And guess what? The MOTION poster is out HERE.

On top of that the trailer will be out in TWO DAYS.

Check out the official site here.


Will Zettler said...

By Robin Byrd and Will Zettler

Who Am I?

This is a story of a person of fame
his speciality is of torture and pain

This huble man has cancer of the brain
this is not what drove him insane

He watched as they killed his child
which is what got him going wild

To think of ways to make you wonder
Life or death is what you must ponder

The uglyiness put forth in your life
This will cause you sorrow and strife

Can you survive my tests?
Or will you end up like the rest

Broken bodies and broken minds
Keep on running, but you I will find

Can you save them, the ones that sinned
The ones that are trapped, chained and pinned

It always opens with "I want to play a game"
Now can you guess my name?

On the means, your the source
Live or die, make your choice

Game Over

ortsed said...

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