Friday, July 13, 2007

Enhanced/High Res image from SAW 4

Check out how I enhanced the SAW 4 image so you can see more. Leave your theories in the comments.


Anonymous said...

This is my guess... those photos are of Jigsaw's wife Betsy and that she was cheating on him or buying drugs...whatever.. from the guy in the car and that that is her in the chair!!

Anonymous said...

I reckon its his new assistant and the FBI people (the gun in the hands in the top left near the words) have found her(???) thinking she is a victim, but really the bad evil person in this film.

Anonymous said...

His wife is in the chair. Not sure what the time means, possibly how much time the FBI person has to get out of the trap. 90mins=1h30m, possibly just under how long the movie is.