Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SAW 5 and 6 Director Announced!

From Bloody Disgusting:

Yes I'm still blind, but the news gets even better this evening. Your #1 source for all things horror, Bloody-Disgusting, has just confirmed through multiple sources that David Hackl, the production designer on Saw II, Saw III and Saw IV and second unit director on Saw II and Saw IV has OFFICIALLY been attached to helm both Lionsgate's Saw V and Saw VI, assuming a hole doesn't form in the Earth and suck the franchise in with it. Will Jigsaw return? I'm sure he will. But this news comes so early don't expect much more until we see how well Saw IV does, which Hackl was once in the running to direct.

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Anonymous said...

someone help me figure this out. if jigsaw had help from hoffman and he helped with the first trap (fat guy in barbwire) how did he (hoffman) imitate a jigsaw trap with the guy who killed his sister? the timeline doesn't make sense unless their were jigsaw traps that we never saw...