Monday, July 09, 2007

SAW IV & V Info

  • Oren Koules on SAW 5: "We knew the story to five before we started shooting four."
  • Production Designer David Hackl discusses TRAPS: "It's not just, 'How do we kill the guy?', it's 'How do we kill them really well?'"
  • The Great Tobin Bell discusses Jigsaw's role in SAW 4: "There's plenty of him in this film. But it's not about the size of the role, it's the impact you have on the story." Tobin continues, "Jigsaw has a very interesting storyline in this film and I think it takes you someplace you haven't been before; there's a couple of extremely impactful scenes."
  • DLB (Director Darren Bousman) discusses the one and only Tobin Bell ("Jigsaw"): "Tobin always has ideas. I think that's why the saw films have continued to work." DLB continues, "There was one scene that wasn't working and in a half hour, Tobin and I rewrote the scene and it worked amazingly. He walks around with this leather-bound notebook and it's his philosophy on Saw. Any question you ask him... what high school he went to, what was his first job... he's got it in this book."
  • Producer Mark Burg discusses SAW 4, SAW 5 and the amazing SAW Crew: "It's never been easy. It's just hard coming up with a good script that quickly. And we're working on Saw V right now. Part of the day is dealing with Saw IV and the other part of the day is dealing with the writers on ideas for Saw V. Our team is so good. It's the same cinematographer, same production designer, same costume designer, same line producer, same prop master, same special effects man. These guys, they all kind of look forward to us coming to Toronto to start. It's always the same crew. It's kind of like going to a camp and everyone comes back every summer."
  • The great Tobin Bell ("Jigsaw"): "Are you ever going to see Jigsaw have a love scene? Well, I felt like I had a couple with Amanda in the last film. They didn't write any Amanda/Jigsaw relationship in that movie. So whatever we came up with, we had to come up with in a touch, in a look, in a feeling, in a moment which is blessed stuff when you're an actor. If you can create any sense of reality, any connection with your partner, it makes it all worthwhile. It feels very right. When that gets captured by the camera and makes it through the shark infested waters of editing onto the screen, then that's great."
  • Producer Oren Koules wants SAW Fans to know: "Leigh and James are still very much involved."
  • A SAW 4 tease from Producer Mark Burg: "All I can tell you is you're going to get to the end of the movie and people will go, 'Oh my God, how did I not see that coming?'"
  • The SAW Producers on the SAW 4 script-- Oren Koules: "In some ways this is our best script we've ever had." Mark Burg: "I love this script. I love it."
  • Producer Oren Koules: "One of the things we said is we love the way Saw I ended where you get to see the fans' faces and when Jigsaw started rising, people were like, 'Oh my God.' We used to watch them. So we want to have a great ending again. It's one of the things we worked from the ending back. We knew where we wanted to end it."
  • Tobin Bell ("Jigsaw"): "One of the things these guys have done really well has been to not only have all the traps and all the tricks and all the gore and all the murder and mayhem, but they've tried to infuse the films with a delicacy and intelligence that I think offsets that."
  • The one and only Tobin Bell discusses JIGSAW: "When I was doing Saw II, I came up with 130 things that disturb this guy, that disturb him."

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