Thursday, October 20, 2005

Another SAW 2 Review (Spoiler Free!)

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As I said in another forum, I have a film director friend who has many connections in Hollywood/LA, and somehow (he will not say how) he obtained an advance copy. So, yes, I have seen it. The following is not really a review, and it's far from a spoiler, but I think you may wish to read.

Plot : Like Jigsaw, thought out, but still cryptical. Better than the first movie, as there is a lot more to say, incl. the story of Jigsaw himself, along of what's up with Gordon and Adam, and well everyone else. The pieces fall much better together than Saw I.

Characters : You can't help to feel for them. They are quite thought out. Better than most movies of the genre where they are just to be killed. Amanda is very good, and I was quite surprised by Johan and Xaiver too. Obe was excellent If you count Billy as a character (I do), then you will love it. He is VERY VERY GOOD in this, and his lines if anything gotten even better.

Film Style : Very dark, darker than even "Saw I" Most everything seems to be under a 40 watt bulb. Lots of shadows and grit. Very good job done here. The film has a hopeless feel, and this style is great for it. The sets are awesome. Not many a picture shows gloom so well. From the dirt to rust, everything wetches a decay emotion. The panic scenes are jarring, moving quickly (think Razor Wire scene in "Saw I") and quite intense. The sets are

Music : Not a fan of this type of most this music. However, it was used quite well, and fit what was on screen really well. Couster, of course, is awesome. I wish he did the whole thing personally. Been a much more effective in the scare dept. IMHO if this was the case.

Gore : I am amazed this got an "R"! Living proof that if you have a success in something (this case, Saw I), you can get away with a lot more because Hollywood will make is money. Trust me, you will not be dispointed. This is gory movie I've seen since "High Tension", but not like blood blood blood, but more like pain pain pain.. insane gore instead of the gallon tubs. It reeks of even something more evil.. If Fuici was still around he probably would call this movie and masterpiece and make Wan/Leigh and co. to make his next movie!

Twist : What do you mean by twist? This movie has several. Enough to make you go "How f*cked up?" for the whole movie. I will not allow myself to tell you what's up... but some of you were right about things, and some of you were wrong (don't worry, it's all good) but both sides will be never knowing until the end.... then bang, another twist at the end. Saw III possible? Sure!

All in all, I found it much better than "Saw I' and I loved "Saw I".. this is great horror film making.. eat your dang heart out Wes, Tobe and John.. you were the past.. this is the future! Torch is offically passed from Fuici to Wan. EXCELLENT WORK DARREN!! CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST FILM! Your check is in the mail and more offers will be comin'!

Anyhoo, hope this helps. Any questions, just ask... except for spoilers, I am not going to go there because my lips are zipped on that!


Only thing he says BAD about is the music, I enjoy it ! (from what ive heard from the soundtrack)

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