Saturday, October 08, 2005

Get the SAW uncut DVD before others!

Ok so I was browseing the HOJ fourms and I ran across this:

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i just picked up the uncut version of saw on dvd, it is jam-fucking-packed with features, so amazing to finally see the version that james wanted people to see...the case for the dvd is awesome too...theres moving blood lol

So, what happened, alot of people asked, How did you get the DVD, is the Venus Fly Tap Scene on it? !?!?!?

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gotta love living in new york city lol some stores will sell movies before the street date. its awesome. and yes the venus fly trap scene is on the dvd! plus theres a few cool hidden features, like "Saw in 60" which is the whole movie renacted by puppets in 60 seconds, and theres also a mockumentary about Billie the puppet, where they have the cast and crew talk about their experience of working with him lol havent had a chance to watch the entire uncut movie yet, just watched alot of the features so far, well worth the money. if you live in the nyc area, pm me and ill let u know where u can pick it up..
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