Wednesday, October 05, 2005

SAW 2 Chat

This is a edited Transcript but keeps all the good points, the Red Colored Questions are mine.

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Double teamed! Darren Lynn Bousman and Leigh Whannell Discuss the upcoming sequel!

Tonight, SAW fans got to ask Director Darren Bousman and cowriter Leigh Whannell questions regarding their futures as well as the SAW Franchise.

True Enemy: Darren, How are you doing today? My question is seeing as you came from PA work on Xfiles and Van Wilder, What were your reactions when you found out they were going to pick you to direct a sequel to a blockbuster horror film?

Darren: Good Question, First of all -- I am excellent. Thanks for asking. I was in LA about 4 years doing PA work and free work. I was really bummed and depressed. It's like you are in a glass box. I can see outside it. And see my dreams, but I am trapped getting coffee for everyone around me. But I had two options... Stay inside the glass box, and continue to heat up coffee. Or do something about it... so I did something about it. I wrote a script. Never in a million years did I plan my first project would be as big as SAW II. I was speechless... My Trip from PA to feature director was a VERY fast one. It goes to show you it CAN and DOES happen. Anything is possible!

Q: Hi Darren! My question is for you... I've always wondered what it would be like to play in one of Jigsaw's Games myself... the closest thing SAW has ever made it to being on a gaming system was in a movie format on the PSP handheld system. At any point did you consider or were you approached with talks to a possible SAW video game?

Darren: The original script played out more like a game. We were jokingly threw the idea out there. But you have to remember, we made SAW II so quickly after SAW was released there was NO TIME. I have to agree with you however, I think SAW universe is begginig for a Video game!

Leigh: Never say never!

Q: Leigh and Darren, Do you know any cool JIgsaw lines from Saw II that we havent heard you could share with us? And there is this cool con in NJ in MAY and the promoter wants you to come. Monster Mania. I have his contact info if you would like it.

Leigh: Oh Yes... there will be blood

Darren: The pissing blood line is good! in context though..."Not long to go now till your son is pissing blood" There a few gems in there... Leigh has some good lines

Q: Did any of you guys get freaked out by Tobin during filming?

Darren: I can answer that, HELL YES!

Leigh: For me, believe it or not... Tobin is one of the nicest guys in the world.

Darren: Tobin is ALWAYS in character! I would go up to him in between takes and he would give me the stare that could tear your insides apart!

Leigh: He's very soft spoken, and I think people like that are the best bad guys in films.

Darren: I agree...

Q: Let me say its an honor to be in a chatroom with you and Darren. My question is did you know what the story of Saw II was already or did you write it after SAW was commisioned for a sequel?

Leigh: Thanks for your support. First of all, we didnt know what story was going to be. And James and myself and Darren worked it out after a sequel was asked for. There is nothing like a deadline to get creative juices flowing.

Q: So nice to meet you both. You are gods. I wanted to know if there is a series of SAW Action figures coming out or if they are planned. I am a collector of PEZ toys and such and I wanted to definatley have a Jigsaw figure displayed in my room

Darren: There are small dolls being made, lol.
Leigh: As a matter of fact, yes
Darren: I actually saw one at COMIC CON
Leigh: I saw them with my own eyes, too! The figure is the doll on the bicycle and Jigsaw in his cloak.

Q: Whats your favorite scenes in SAW and SAW II?

Leigh: My favorite is the ending, of Saw 1. in SAW II, I love the opening and end.

Darren: Both films, its the ending. The endign to SAW 1 left me speechless.

Q: This is not SAW 2 related, but what is your reaction to the opening scary movie 4 being a parody of SAW where Dr Phil and Shaq wake up in a bathroom tied up.

Leigh:... well, atleast they got me anatomically correct by Shaq. I think its awesome, Parody is the highest form of Flattery.

Q: Hey whats up Leigh? Did Saw II Meet your specifications that you imagined when you saw the film? And where do you get the ideas of the traps?

Leigh: Yes! It completely did... and I can honeslty say that... Its very intense. Like someone took the last fifteen minutes of the first film and turned it into a feature. In order to invent traps like a psychopath, you need to think like one

Darren: HERE HERE!!

Q: For Leigh and Darren, First of all Leigh, how is James? Furthurmore How is Silence coming along? Besides that, my question is if you could write a for a diff. genere. What would be the story line?

Leigh: James is great and Silence is coming along in the very early stages. James and I love all generes and would love to do a teen film. Maybe more Rushmore than Cant Hardly Wait. I'd do anything with Darren if he'll put me in a film.

Darren: Let me say something. I was able to see some rough scenes of Silence and I was blown away!

Some Guy: A PORNO?

Leigh: I'll only do a porno if Shaq plays my role...

Q: Hello Leigh and Darren, This is for either one.... I have read in many posts that the traps are 100% more gorier and nastier... so my question is HOW Gory are the traps? and will we see them CLOSE or WORK? Whats your favorite.

Darren: The Tag line is true... OH YES... THERE WILL BE BLOOD. And ALOT of it! Dont worry there, we didnt let you down.

Leigh: yes! You'll see them close and work. no one with bloodlust will walk away unsatisfied.

Darren: Yes, I believbe we might cross the line a little on some of them, lol

Leigh: My favorite is the opening scene, the venus fly trap.

Darren: I remember when Leigh called me and pitched me the fly trap idea... I was gitty... I was so excited by it. I think the scene lives up to its pitch.

Leigh: That's all I can say...

Q: Good evening, My question is for all of you. Pretty simple. Who are the ones who updated

Darren: The amazing team at Lions Gate

Leigh: It's a company called Special Ops Media in New York

Darren: They are amazing

Q: My question/comment is for Leigh. Firstly, I just want to say how impressed I was with your performance in SAW.. Acting and writing at the same time. And doing it so well. Thats a rough job. And you pulled it off phenomenally. I have a question regarding Jigsaws Motive in the first film and as a serial killer enthusiast, I thought it was very clever of you to have it so John had a frontal lobe tumor. Damage to the frontal Lobe can cause severe personality changes, im told. Was this intentional?

Leigh: Yes. It was. I thought long and hard about what drives somebody to become a serial killer and its not only the frontal lobe tumor but the news that hes going to die that sends him over the edge.

Q: Do you feel that the success you've had with SAW will affect any future projects? potential studio interferance aside?

Darren: That is a Leigh question...

Leigh: Do you mean in a positive or negative way?

Marisa: Both

Leigh: Certinaly it helps with getting films off the ground, Everyone knows that Hollywood is based on track record. Having a successful film means they let you make another one. The downside is that SAW was VERY low budget which meant creative freedom. That's something you dont get on bigger budget studio films. Creative freedom is very precious to me. You agree Darren?

Darren: I had such an amazing experience doing SAW. As Leigh said the budget was small enough to allow me to MUCH MORE freedom then say on a 20 million budget movie. It's important. I think what made SAW work so much was it broke a mold. I did something different. If SAW was done for 30 Million, It would have been a much different film.

Leigh: Alot of things studios do are "Forumla". It's a tricky world to navigate... I agree with you, Darren. The funny thing is whenever something breaks the mold the studios try to copy it and try to clone it to death. Its Catch 22. AS BIGGIE SMALLS AID, YOU ASLWAYS WANT MORE MONEY, BUT WITH MORE MONEY, COMES MO PROBLEMS. They dont want to break the mold themselves, they just want to do thing that COPY the mold.

Q: Will you guys be releasing the Venus Fly Trap Scene like you showed at Fangoria Con?

Darren: I have a strong feeling... YES

Leigh: I think it may be released on the web.

Darren: Don't quote me on that. Quote Leigh... and get him in trouble.

Leigh: I'll take the bullet!

Q: What changes are there in the complexity abd quantity of Jigsaw's ingenious games in SAw 2? When compared to the original? I am asking this in general sense of course as not to ask anything which might spoil the film.

Darren: I'll take a stab at this...The traps are somewhat bigger.. but slightly different style then the first. Would you agree Leigh?

Leigh: yes, It's almost like the Scream 2 rule. The sequel is always the original film amped up to 11.

Darren: Jigsaw has a much bigger game this time around. An I am talking about the number of players.

True Enemy: Did he just compare SAW to SCREAM?

Leigh: Hey, Everyone forgets the original Scream was a cool film!

Darren: Indeed it was cool!

Darren: what I love about Saw 2 is we have kept the creative team.. the editor, the score and producer and of course, the writer.

Q: It seems your collaboration with James has a bent for foreign Horror. With LG concinciding the release of three extremes and Eli Roths upcoming hostile, have either of you given the thought to making a japanese inspired horror film?

Leigh: I think Silence, our next film.. is partly inspired by Japanese Ghost films... but also inspired by the old style hammer horror films.

Darren: CRAP!!! I just fell out of my chair, I was leaning back and it broke...

Leigh: That's when you're as big as BIGGIE SMALLS!

Q: Darren, you mentioned you've kept the entire team for the most part together, Do you think Charlie Closures score on this film is up to par with the previous SAW? I have seen Saw 1 over a dozen times and everytime I see it, on that final scene where Jigsaw is telling Zepps tape, when the music hits.. I GET GOOSEBUMPS EVERYTIME!

Darren: Leigh, dont get mad at me on this one.. the score is F'N AMAZING. I loved SAW 1's score... I AM IN LOVE, IN LOVE with this one... Charlie knocked it out of the park!

Leigh: I would have to agree. Charlie has amped this stuff up to 11 for this sequel.

Darren: Charlie is in fact, a mad genius!

Q: Darren, who were the lucky people who got to go to the first print screening of Saw II last night? What was their reaction

Darren: It was TODAY! About 6 hours ago. Leigh, the producers, Beverley Mitchell was there, Shawnee was there too and some others.

Darren: By the way, Shawnee is amazing but BEVERLEY MITCHELL IS GREAT IN THIS!

Leigh: I concur.

Darren: I was blown away by her. This is not 7th heaven!

Leigh: Saw II is more like 7th hell

Q: First of all, I've been a huge fan of the horror genere, for many years now, and one of the best movies i have seen in the genere is SAW! But to my question... do you guys got any ideas of when Saw II will hit theaters in Sweden?

Leigh: Unfourtunatley, Not. But I wish I could be there for the premiere

Darren: Leigh, Let's board a plane and go!

Leigh: Alright

Q: He guys, Many thanks for answering our questions on the HOJ Board. Im a big fan of SAW

but I am also a fan of the music in the films. I was ecstatic that hear that Mudvayne would be on the soundtrack... I was wondering when we can expect to see the video Darren shot for "FORGET TO REMEMBER?"

Darren: Mudvayne is great! Look for the video in the next 10 days or so. It is shot much in the same way the movie was shot. we just finished it today. All editing and what not.

Q: What do you guys think of the fansite concept and of the fansites created so far?

Leigh: We love them all!

Darren: I love the SAW fans. I try to check out as many as I can. The SAW fans have helped create the SAW universe. They dont understand the power they have. Keep it up guys!

Q: Do you think in SAW/SAW II That there was alot of details to cover as in the traps and how they were set up?

Leigh: Definatley. Darren and James probably had alot of work cut out fo them for production design standpoint.

Darren: It was killer. Desgining the first trap took weeks. It really works., That was important for us to make it really work... the gears the way it closes.

Leigh: We'd love to use those on the critics of SAW...


The next scheduled chat is on October 12th with actor Franky G at 9PM est. Stay tuned for a transcript from that chat.

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