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October 4, 2005

Those guys behind the 'Scary Movie' franchise are at it again. This time, they're teaming up none other than DR. PHIL and SHAQ for the opening sequence of 'Scary Movie 4' -- a spoof on the horror thriller 'Saw' -- and ET is first on the set to get the word from the good doctor himself!

"It all takes place in this nasty, filthy bathroom [where] Shaq and I are chained up together," explains Dr. Phil, "and the way out is you've got to cut body parts off to get loose, so he and I are wondering which one of us will wind up doing it."

The past 'Scary Movies' have featured a variety of stars (including JENNY McCARTHY, JAMES WOODS, TORI SPELLING, DENISE RICHARDS) in great cameos as they've spoofed some of the scariest and most popular movies of the past and present, from 'The Ring' and 'Signs' to 'The Exorcist' and, obviously, the 'Scream' trilogy.

Starring 'Scary Movie' regular ANNA FARIS, the new one, in theaters next April, marks Dr. Phil's big-screen debut -- spoofing his own image. "I want people to know I don't take myself too seriously as it might seem when I am into a heavy issue," says Dr. Phil. "I always try to work with humor as much as I can because it diffuses a lot of [people's] defensiveness. I think it's good to make fun of yourself."

As for real scary movies, Dr. Phil says he loves them. "They say you have to have this suspension of disbelief, and I can totally get into a movie and have that," he says. "When I am in it, I totally immerse myself in that movie, and the goofier they are, the goofier I get; the scarier they are, the more chicken I am."

Watch ET for more with Dr. Phil and 'Scary Movie 4'!

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