Saturday, October 01, 2005

There hasn't been alot of SAW 2 news...........

....So here is somthing funny :) :

This was posted on the House of Jigsaw fourms by a member called J i g S a w click the links on the side to get to the house of jigsaw fourms :)

"LMFAO! i just thought of this

what if john put really dumb people in the room instead of gordon and adam...and it took them way to long and they never figured out what " sometimes you see better with your eyes closed" and "x marks the spot"

so john just gets up and says "Are you guys fhucking retarded!? its not that hard!! :: punches brick:: pulls out the box with the stuff in it::
Now look, your suppose to do all this in the box!! i mean come on...ya kno what , screw this :: pulls out gun and shoots the two guys::

then john says " Note to self :: pulls out notepad and pen::, dont make your clues so complicated."

lol! "

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