Monday, October 17, 2005

SAW 2 dot COM extracted files!

romis138 from the HOJ fourms posted some extracted files from the saw 2 dot com website check out his post:

I've found new pictures of some new things not shown before, so don't download if you don't want to see. I already spoiled a picture for True Enemy accidently. I don't keep up with the leaked/shown things, so I didn't know it hadn't been shown.

Inside the zip file are:
pictures of the swat team(and a video in .swf format of the SWAT arresting jigsaw)
pictures of gus(although we already have the video)
picture of the death of someone in the room
picture of ANOTHER death of someone in the room
picture of a jigsaw piece on someone
some closeups of faces and whatnot, some i've seen on the net, others i haven't.

music from one of the flash files(very very short clip taken directly from it)
music 2(same)
music 3(same)
sound clip of someone finding the EXIT door(already been released)
sound clip of jigsaw telling about antidote(already been released)
sound clip of wahlberg and son arguing(already been released)

videos(in .SWF format..just open them in your browser)
someone going down stairs(short, dont know if its been released)
franky axing the door(been released)
gus(been released)
video of what looks to be the jigsaw rising on some sort of platform(been released)
video of SWAT arresting jigsaw(been released)
video of wahlberg watching TV, shocked(been released)
video of wahlberg and son arguing w/ sound(the only vid out of all these with sound, sorry)

enjoy, guys. here's the zip file(YOU ONLY HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT FROM ONE OF THESE, i just put it on different sites incase one of the links dies)

yousendit(direct download, see if this one works first)

rapidshare(scroll down and click free, then scroll down again and click the link to download)

megaupload(wait 45 seconds then drag that annoying banner out of the way. speeds tend to suck on this site and its the most annoying to dl from, so this should be a last resort)

again, all those links are the same..its just incase one of them goes down that i put it on different sites.

enjoy everyone.

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