Monday, October 24, 2005

'Saw II' delivers the Twisted goods in gory style

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Jigsaw, the serial killer with a particularly imaginative bent, is back in this sequel to last year's sleeper horror hit. Attempting to resurrect the sort of gory, hard-core horror film that has been eclipsed in recent years by the plethora of tamer, PG-13 releases, Lions Gate and the all too aptly named Twisted Pictures clearly have a new franchise on their hands. Halloween grosses should be monstrous, with plenty of video business to follow. The killer himself takes a far more prominent role in this edition, and as played by the superb Tobin Bell he's quite a memorable creation. Soft-voiced and physically frail because of the cancer ravaging his body, the diabolical Jigsaw is determined to make people appreciate their lives, mainly by dispatching them in the most ingenious of ways.The first victim, bloodily disposed of even before the opening credits roll, tries unsuccessfully to gouge out his own eye in order to retrieve a key that has been surgically implanted.

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