Monday, October 17, 2005

SAW the Blog 1.5

Hey all! I'm here so I can make the announcement of SAW the Blog 1.5 a completely LESS BUGGY, MORE COMPATABLE, SLEEKER LOOKING site. You may notice little differences, Clear your Cache for the full new experience, I'm not going to start to make SAW the Blog 2.0 for awhile because I just made this new version because the old version was VERY buggy, expect to see little tweaks here and there, so once im done with 1.5 (very minor tweaks need to be done) I will take a break and just update with SAW news instead of designing something new.

Hope you all like!

EDIT: To let you all know, the entire theme hasn't been changed, the sleeker look is just some updates I added

Edit Edit: heres sorta all the updates

I Remade the Navigation, Archives and Last Post Images so they fit with there backround, The header has alittle slogan/tagline/whatever you want to call it under it, and the compatability with Opera and Internet Explorer has Improved, as for firefox, nothing was wrong and is wrong

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