Wednesday, October 19, 2005

SAW uncut Review

Billy Shirt + SAW Uncut
  • Movie - 9/10
Ok, most of the time I wouldn't review a movie I love so much because I would probablly give it a really high rating like above, but everything was here, even amanda going through the stomach for the key, on top of that the colors were corrected and looked alot better then when I saw it in theatres, And that is the main reason behind me giving it a 9/10

  • Extras - 10/10
Big Improvement over the last DVD (which I probablly would give a 2/10) But the features it had were really nice as well, even some hidden things like the hilarious SAW in 60 seconds, I love the extra's they were just great!

  • Overall - 8/10

I wish I could review more but the thing is this is my first time reviewing, expect to see a better, more into it review of SAW 2. This DVD overall would get a 8/10 just because the fact that it was out so late but besides that its a definite pick-up, even if you are not a fan, it was cheaper then the first SAW DVD I got which is really great (Places I Recommend: Best Buy, Target)

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