Sunday, October 16, 2005

SAW REBIRTH Comic Over View - "Who is John?"

Again, True Enemy and his posts on HOJ have made it here, this ones about the rebirth comic, Here's his post:

I came home from work this morning to see the 2 copys of SAW Rebirth I had pre ordered arrive several days early... so for those of you who are not going to get a chance to read it, here are some highlights from the first issue.

1. John worked as a Toy Builder

2. John WORKED with Paul (Razor trap guy) at the Toy Builder Facility.

3. John was in a serious relationship with a woman named Jill. She wanted to make a major commitment, but he couldn't do it. So she left him.

4. Dr. Lawrence Gordon was the doctor to tell John he was going to die.

5. Zep was there the day that John was told he was going to die. John had a break down outside in the hospital and Zep was there to calm him down. Zep is also the one who told John that Larry was about to cheat on his wife.

6. John noticed Mark in a hospital waiting room, Charming on some old ladies.

7. Zep is the one who also told John about a young girl named AMANDA who had OD'D on Heroin.

8. While he was asleep in his hosptial room, he heard alot of commoshion. He stood up, and went outside to only run into Zep again -- Zep filled him in... but he didnt believe it.. he had to see it with his own eyes. He went into the next room only to see -- PAUL.. with his wrists slit.

9. John SHAVED his head. He didn't lose his hair.

10. In the comic book, you see John writing ideas down for his games. The Candles... the Razor wire and most famous of all. The Jawtrap

That was pretty much it, so hopefully they will put out another Issue AFTER Saw II.

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