Monday, October 24, 2005

Darren Bousman Reccomends you see SAW 2 on friday ;)

His Message on House Of Jigsaw:

Do I need to remind anyone???? Listen, you guys all kick some major ass!!! Real major ass.... Since I have been gone off the boards for a while, and not had a chance to answer a lot of your questions, I have decided to give my friends over at HOUSE OF JIGSAW a little gift....

[CENSORED because I want you all to visit House Of Jigsaw, the post is named: Less than a week..... , Please join House Of Jigsaw! All SAW fans need to go there!]

- - - that is an AOL name I have set up... If you have instant messenger, go ahead and drop me an IM... If I am around - we can chat - and hopefully answer as question or two!

I will see all you sickos in the theatre in a couple days!!!!


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